Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Givi CRS01.AX Rain Suit

Recently due to the sky developing a habit of opening up just before it is time to get off work which ends up soaking me from head to toe and water accumulating in my shoes which is enough to fill an aquarium.

I have a 3 year old H-D riding jacket which is water resistant. During small showers, I am fine as only the pants will be soaked but still manageable. The heavy downpours are the ones where I am soaked like as though I took a shower with my clothes on.

From then, I was on a mission to look for a rain suit. Went to Mr. DIY to look for a rain suit but the biggest size available is 3XL. I can fit into the shirt no problem but the pants is a bit too small for as a overpants.

Went scouting for a bigger size rain suit and I came across a post in FB. A motorcycle shop in Penang is selling the Givi rain suit and the best part is it has sizes up to 6XL. Since there is a Givi Point in Penang, I decided to drop by and have a look at their rain suit.

After looking at the options available, the sales lady asked if I was using the rain suit as a commuter or as a tourer. Told her it will mainly be used to commute to and from work but with occasional touring (in the future). She recommended me the Givi CRS01.AX Rain Suit as she herself has been using the same line for 3 years (older model as according to her Givi changes their  design every year or so) and she is still happy with it.

Complete rain suit. I love the yellow reflectors at the side (left) and back (right). Gives me additional peace of mind when riding in heavy downpour.

I used it twice while riding back from work. First time was under a light shower where I just wore the pants as my riding jacket is water resistant. Was happy with the pants quality as I reached home with a dry pants.

The second time was under a very heavy downpour. This is the test of the rain suit and the new shoes which claims to be waterproof. Long story short, was happy with how the rain suit and shoes works. , After wearing the normal PVC rain suit for a while you (or maybe is just me) will feel hot and it will start sticking to your skin as you sweat in it while it is raining out. This is different. The rain suit is breathable and it has 2 exhaust vents at the back under the yellow lining.

After using the rainsuit and hanging it in the room to dry overnight the main challenge is folding them and keeping them back in the drawstring bag. Here are the steps used 

Step 1: Flip the rain coat over i.e. the back side facing up

Step 2: Fold the sleeves in overlapping each other

Step 3: Fold the bottom part halfway up

Step 4: Fold up the other half

Step 5: Flip the rain coat over. That's it for the rain coat. Now to the pants

Step 6: Fold the pants in half lengthwise

Step 7: Fold the top of the pants down so it forms a nice rectangle

Step 8: Fold the pants halfway

Step 9: Fold it another half

Step 10: Place the pants on the coat and start rolling them together but before rolling them it is advisable to measure length of the items with the bag to make they fit nicely. Try to make the as tight and as small as possible. 

Step 11: Place the rolled up rain coat in the drawstring bag

Step 12: Viola! Done keeping the rain coat.

Remember to ride safe, be vigilant and keep the rubber side down

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