Friday, September 28, 2018

Demak D7 Classic review...

... a.k.a. The Blue Bobber

Recently I got a new job nearer to home and was allowed to take the bike to work provided it was not raining in the morning. Wanted to take the Vulcan but with the panniers it was too big to fit into the narrow driveway. The only other option was the Demak. Do bare in mind this is not a review but from my personal experience.

Originally the Demak was called Pegasus (if not mistaken; named by the missus) but I have a new name for it after getting more familiar with it. To me it is known as the Blue Bobber (BB). Reason: My head bobs around a lot like a bobble head doll due to either from the vibrations on the bike or my helmet is loose and I need a new one. The bike's vibration is so great that you can feel it giving you feet 'massages' if the sole of your shoes are thin.

The Blue Bobber waiting for the morning ride to work

Thursday, September 20, 2018

DIY Touch Screen Gloves

Modification at it's cheapest

Are your gloves equipped with the touch screen feature? Able to use your phone with your gloves on? If your answers to both are no, I have a solution to that. There are two methods to do it:

Method 1: To get a conductive thread and sew it onto the fingers of the glove

Method 2: To use aluminium foil or the insides of a chips bag or any bags which has the aluminium on the inside.

Method 1 requires more money and is more time consuming. Another reason is I am lazy unable to find the conductive thread in my area and method 2 has some perks to it so I opted for method 2. 


Left to right: Scissors (top), double sided tape (bottom), gloves, a bag of chips.