Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Shoei Neotec II Splicer TC-2

On one of the previous trip to MegaBike, we 'reserved' a Shoei helmet which we promised to pick up next weekend. The weekend came and made another trip down to get the helmet. While we were there, Lai Seng was kind enough to help install the Amp Go 200 bluetooth which we bought about a month ago.

There is a liner for the ear cutout in the helmet which needs to be removed when installing any type of speakers.
One of the ear piece cut out liner
Top view of the box. It has the Shoei words printed across the top

Monday, June 24, 2019

A short trip down south

This is the third trip down to the Historic city of Taiping. This trip was a promise trip made to Lai Seng, owner of MegaBike because on our previous trip we booked a Shoei helmet and a Proformance rear paddock stand. We headed off to Taiping after the SO's bike class.

On our way over we were both feeling a bit hungry and decided to check out what delicious cafes Taiping has to offer. Found a few and trusted Waze to take us to the destination. 
Water tower in Kamunting town

Friday, June 21, 2019

Komine GK-191 Motorcycle gloves

Had to make a second trip to MegaBike due to a tear in my riding pants. The owner, Lai Seng, informed he will send the pants back to Komine to get it stitched and will give me a call when it is ready.

During this trip I got myself a glove and the significant other got a helmet. This would my third  pair of gloves after getting the OJ Atmosphere Metropolitane Hit black gloves back in April. Brought the gloves to Lai Seng to ask him if he knows the cause I am having issues with the gloves and he mentioned that the OJ gloves were a size too big and the sewing for the thumb area was restricting the movement hence the feeling of tightness around the fingers while riding.

He introduced the Komine GK-220 to me, the same one as the missus and the same color too. He also showed me the correct method of putting on the gloves to prevent unnecessary tear and to prolong its lifespan.

I did not want to get the same color so we were looking for other colors but to no avail. Before paying for the gloves the missus spotted a green gloves and it has the 2XL size. Tried it on and it feels more comfortable than the GK-220.

Information cards about the gloves

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Komine GK-220 Motorcycle Gloves

On the first trip to MegaBike Taiping about a month ago we got a few essential motorcycle gears. One of them was a glove for the significant other. She has a leather horse riding gloves which she has been using all this while while riding but I felt it unsafe. It doesn't have the necessary armor protection in an event of a crash so was glad she went to look at gloves when we were there. There were other types of gloves available in the shop but after trying them all, she kept coming back to this model: Komine GK-220 Motorcycle gloves.

Information booklet